Do your detox systems need LOVE & SUPPORT?

Detox… It’s time to detox. You hear this quite a lot, right? Health enthusiasts to doctor’s and everyone in between. Maybe you just dont think detoxing is important, or maybe you think you just don’t need it at all. Well, guess what your liver’s job is to detox your body in every way! So whether you believe in it or not you are already detoxing……. At least you are suppose to be, but sometimes our bodies become very out of balance and need some help to get things back on track! We all need some love and support sometimes, right? So why not give that to our detox system as well , seeing that even when we are not trying to take the best care of the body we live in, our detox system will not stop, until it cannot anymore! Lets thank our detox system for its effort and give it the love it needs to do its job properly. Curious as to if your detox system needs some help?..... Keep on reading!

Elimination and detoxification are the foundations of our health, thus to truly be healthy our liver must function properly. A great understanding of the way these systems work and the way to support them, is critical to understanding your own health. Our bodies health should always be explored through the biochemical, the nutritional, and the emotional because these three aspects of health are absolutely paramount. For your body systems to be working optimally all three of these need to be in check!

Lets get started by looking at some signs that may show that your detoxification systems are in desperate need of some support and love, through an external detox to help aid yourself in becoming happier and healthier! We should all have the ability to feel our absolute best!

  1. Fluid Rentention:

The body will hold onto extra fluid for many reasons. One of the major reasons could be through cellular function. Imagine this, every cell in your body eats food then excretes the waste into the lymphatic system and the lymphatic system doesn't have a pump which is unlike your vascular system, because the vascular system pumps blood throughout your body by your heart. But, the lymphatic system will move through movement with things like; massage, rebounding, and diaphragmatic breathing. These things create lymphatic flow, which is what your body needs, because when the cells excrete the waste you want that waste to move away from the cells and be detoxified and eliminated. However, too many people today make poor lifestyle choices as well as lead a sedentary lifestyle which allows the waste to sit outside of the cells. Sometimes there is too much waste for the human body to cope with, even though the person may be making okay lifestyle choices. Further, when the waste sits outside of the cell the body will hang on to fluid to try to dilute the impact of that waste on the health of the cell. Thus, fluid retention can occur from lymphatic system congestion!

2. Skin

Skin breakouts and congestion is another sign that the detox system needs some love and support. Essentially, the main roads for waste out of the body are the bowels and the urinary system. The liver is tied particularly to the digestive system while the bowels and the kidneys are tied to the urinary system. When the skin begins to get inflamed, red, or congested it can be a sign that your skin feels like it needs to step in to help the body to eliminate waste. This is why we want to make sure that the elimination pathways of the body are well supported and working optimally so the skin doesn't feel like it needs to step in and make a difference with  waste excretion.

3. Sore Red or Stinging Eyes

4. Waking up in the middle of the night

Constantly or consistently waking up between 2-4am is a sign of liver congestion, especially if you wake up hot because that is a classic sign that the liver needs some support due to not functioning properly.

5. Females: Breasts

Signs through your breasts are normally shown as  lumpy and swollen breasts around your menstruation cycle. Experiencing bad pms is another one. Plus, during that time, the feeling that you could eat endlessly. I am not talking about just being hungry, but rather insatiable hunger!

6. Not hungry for breakfast

Maybe you wake up and you don't feel hungry for breakfast and instead just grab a coffee. Coffee is something a lot of people get into using to get there bowels to move. This is not a tell-tale sign but sometimes it is a sign. No one should need coffee in order to have elimination, if that's the case, your system is all out of whack.

7. Constipation / IBS/ Diarrhea/ Bloating

Out of the many functions that the liver performs, the most important is to produce bile. Bile  helps in digestion through the process of emulsification of lipids. A congested liver will produce less bile. This in return, will cause many digestion problems, like:

  • Bloating of the abdomen

  • Constipation

  • Inability to digest fatty foods

  • Loss of appetite

8. Increase of unexplainable body fat

This is the body fat that you have accumulated without changing your healthy diet and exercise regime! When it literally makes zero sense that you could have gained any excess body fat!

9. Cellulite

Cellulite will occur when the detox and elimination mechanisms and processes in the body cannot keep up with the heavy load of excreted waste. The body cannot leave the waste in the blood because that is very damaging and can lead to ill health. The body must move those problematic substances away from our vital organs which other than our brain, are all housed inside out torso. Thus, the body moves it all away and stores it in our fatty tissue, typically on the tops of the thighs.

10. Low and Poor Energy

I think this one explains itself!

11. Short- Tempered

This only applies to someone who has always been calm and centered and has newly  become short-tempered, meaning they start to snap sooner than they normally would. In traditional chinese medicine, they believe that every organ has an emotion and the liver is the home of anger in TCM.

12. Hormonal issue

The liver is responsible for filtering out mutated hormones. A person with a congested liver could be affected with a hormonal imbalance, thus their body would exhibit symptoms such as:

  • Sleep and mental disturbance

  • Depression

  • Mental confusion

  • Sensitivity to medicines

  • Heavy or clotted menstruation in women

  • Irregular periods

  • Fibroids in breast or uterus

  • Hot flashes

  • Cysts on ovaries

  • Mood swings or any menopausal problems

This is SERIOUS STUFF! Luckily the liver can regenerate itself as long as it is given the right support! Evidently, no one wants to have a congested liver, but if you put your liver in that state through your choices, you have to make that decision to correct the past and give it that love to be healthy again. The liver is so magnificent at healing and does a fabulous job in terms of self-recovery. However, the western lives many of us lead puts our liver and bodies in jeopardy! Some of the bad choices include; eating non organic food, living in a polluted area, drinking contaminated water, extremely high stress levels, but other choices like skin care products, house cleaning products, prescription medicine, and drinking tap water can create a further load that many people are completely oblivious about. As you can tell from this post our body goes through a great deal to keep us happy, but we aren't doing our body any favors! Now is the time! Now is the time, to switch our products, adapt a healthy lifestyle and even go on a healthy “detox”! What are you waiting for!  

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Alexandra Warner