Healing Power Of Wild Bluberries

Wild Blueberries… Oh the magical fruit… maybe a superfood? Yes I said it, something as simple as a wild blueberry that is far from exotic, should be considered a superfood! Today, most people get swept up in the idea that healing foods and superfoods are out in the tropical wilds. These foods can only be found by researchers who look high and low through the jungle in search of a miracle root or berry that will change your health drastically for the better. We hear that these little foods are packed with so many benefits and nutrients that cannot possibly be found in simple everyday, grow in your backyard foods. You walk into the grocery store and see exotic fruits and roots dried or powderized to be bought, but only at a high price. I’m not saying that the rainforest does not have great medicine to offer, however, I am stating that the rainforest is not where we will find the most valuable food to aid in healing us.

Instead of a rainforest, the world’s most powerful food is hiding among us in plain site- the infamous, wild blueberry.  From my research, there is not a disease that wild blueberries can not protect you from or a cancer that they cannot aid in preventing. However, please do not read this post and go to the store and buy the larger cultivated “blueberries” because those aren’t what you are looking for. Yes, blueberries are great for your health, but they do not provide the power of wild blueberries. These powerhouses are small but mighty in strength, ya know kinda like napoleon but probably much sweeter.



If you try to compare the difference between cultivated blueberries and wild blueberries I suggest looking at the difference between grain-fed beef vs. grass-fed beef, or between farm raised salmon vs wild salmon. Vast, right? Wild Blueberries are like little computers only much more intelligent. They hold survival information that goes back thousands and thousands of years. According to Medical Medium, “They have adapted to every fluctuation in climate over the millennia. Their innate intelligence has prevented them from accepting a monoculture; instead, they thrive with more than 100 variable strains that look similar yet have different genetic makeups, so that these plants can never be eradicated, no matter what comes in the future.While other food plants can only continue after a fire if their seeds survive and are replanted, wild blueberry plants can be burned to the ground, and they will come back stronger than ever. No other food on the planet has the ability to thrive in such trying conditions. It is the number-one adaptogen, period—even though it is not recognized as an adaptogenic food at all. ” Yes you read it correct, indestructible! Now, tell me a goji berry, acai berry, or any supposed powderized root that has done the above. I love my goji berries and acai berries and still consider them beneficial, but come on, the proof is in the writing here.

Wild Blueberries are known for their incredibly high levels of antioxidants, but this goes further than just high levels, because they have the highest amount of antioxidants out there. Continuing, these magical berries also have a great number of undiscovered qualities- armed with polyphenols, anthocyanins, dimethyl resveratrol, anthocyanidins, and adaptogenic amino acids.

Remember how I said these berries are super intelligent? Well, this is because once they are in your body they look for potential disease and find the best way to heal you by utilizing their innate intelligence. Further, they help monitor the toxicity and stress levels in your body. And hear me loud and clear when I say this, WILD BLUEBERRIES are the only food that has the power to do this. Again, the only food that literally looks for the disease and tries to completely heal you. Believe me or don’t believe me, but there are tons of testimonies out there about how wild blueberries have healed people on medical mediums instagram and blog. He is a genius!

Don’t let me forget, wild blueberries are also the most effective heavy metal detoxing foods. Most people today are full of heavy metals and don’t even know it, having an overload of these metals are the reasons for many underlying health issues. These berries are also great for your brain and digestion as well as fabulous in restoring your liver! Clearly, this fruit does it all! According to Medical Medium, “There is more information in one wild blueberry plant than there is on the entire Internet. If researchers had the technology to decipher what’s inside wild blueberries and how to use it all, they would develop cures for every condition. One hundred years from now, medical science will use the wild blueberry as the key to unlock the secrets of how to heal disease.” Think about it this way, if this berry can resurrect after being completely burned to to ground, what do you think it will do to a body that needs to get stronger to heal and rise up again. I know it sounds crazy, trust me I was in your shoes! But, I have read the testimonies and seen the results, these little berries do wonders.

I try to incorporate these berries in my diet daily, typically in smoothies or on top of oats with some nut butter. I buy my wild blueberries frozen because that is how I can get them in bulk. There are millions of ways to create a tasty smoothie with wild blueberries, but I cannot get off the peanut butter & berry smoothie wagon at the moment. Sorry, I just love peanut butter! Anyways, check out my first day on my plate post for a look into my daily smoothie bowl creation at the moment!


Alexandra Warner